Make-up activity for Grade 8 Joy for the missed quiz (Sept 2014)

KNOWLEDGE (10 points) – Identification

1.  If you were to choose a general subject area for your topic, to WHOM would you go to ask for or consult on what topic can be a possible choice for your paper?

2.  Aside from academicians and teachers,who else can be a possible resource for choosing a topic and why?  (Clue: People not working in school)

3.  Give a strategy/tool found in books that may be used in choosing a topic.

4.  This resource contains general background information on a topic.  What kind of written material is this?

5.  Give 2 limiters for choosing a topic.

PROCESS – 30 points total

10 points for each Freewriting activity.  Here’s what to do:

1. CHOOSE A 5-7 MINUTE TEDX VIDEO FEATURING ANY KIND OF RESEARCH (there are a lot in Youtube and on the TEDX website).  Give the title and the speaker/researcher and why you chose that topic.

2. Make a paragraph using the FREEWRITING STRATEGY about the topic and what you learned about the topic from the video. (10 pts)

3.  Make a CONCEPT MAP about the topic in the video and it’s subtopics along with the information or facts given. (10 pts)

4.  Make a LIST (minimum of 7-8 facts) using the LISTING STRATEGY out of the topic.  Cross out the ones that are too broad. (10 points)

You may email your answers to Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Make-up activity for Grade 8 Joy for the missed quiz (Sept 2014)

    • Please submit it on or before 3pm tomorrow since it’s a very easy one. 🙂 For concept maps that are written, you may take a pic of it and email it along with your other answers.


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