TedX Video

Make up activity for film showing
▶Title of the Video

▶Date of the Talk

▶Name of the Speaker

▶Background of the Speaker
•What does he/she do?
•Specific field of expertise (you may search the net to get the speaker’s background)
•From what institution does the speaker come from                     
•Length of time that the speaker has worked on that topic or field

Why did you choose this topic?

What made you interested in it?

Main points of the Video and discuss each one of them

How did the speaker come up
with his conclusions?

What did he/she do?

Give 2 questions that came to your mind after watching the video.

What are the lessons and insights that you learned after watching it?

How can it be applied to your life personally or as a student?

Share your insights with the class on Friday.


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