Pointers for 1st Periodical Assessment

1. What is Research?

2. 8 Keys to a Great Research  Paper

3. Types of Research – Pure & Applied Research; Quantitative & Qualitative Research

4. Research Methods: Interview, surveys, questionnaires, library research, focus group discussions

5. Importance of Research

6. Types of Sources: Atlas, Encyclopedia, dictionary, newspaper, internet, almanac, interview, etc.

7. Introduction & Ch. 1 of Anvil book on Research

8. A question about your family history assignment

God bless you, guys!☺📚📄📈


5 thoughts on “Pointers for 1st Periodical Assessment

    • Sammy this was the last quarter’s pointers. The topics for this quarter is only the 1-page handout which we had a quiz where you guys freewrote, did clustering and listing and the most recent powerpoint on choosing a topic


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